Why choose SICADA?

Sicada Fire and Safety has more fire safety approvals, certifications and expertise than many… beyond just QBBC, FPIB and Australian Standards … but also marine fire safety approvals and mining mobile plant fire safety systems that comply with AS5062.

Remains the one of the only companies to use a web-based fire safety database for you as a client to access any time, so you can see the fire safety assets we manage for you and when they were last inspected and tested.

Provides no sales commissions to our staff to sell you unnecessary fire safety equipment during a service call. We only recommend and supply new fire safety equipment if it is genuinely required for compliance or safety.

Our clients often enjoy the same or better fire safety and compliance for less than they would anywhere else… whether they’re in a commercial, industrial, transport and logistics, marine or mining environment.

We can also supply you with all the fire safety components and consumables you need for your Fire Safety Programme… extinguishers, hose reels, vehicle fire suppression systems, gaseous systems, fire alarm systems, cabinets, and all the installation and services that these require.


And of course, we’re an independent Family owned and operated fire safety company.

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