About Sicada

100% compliant and accountable

Sicada Fire & Safety delivers 24 hour peace of mind for our mining, marine and commercial clients.


About Sicada

Sicada Fire & Safety Pty Ltd is a unique fire and safety services company, offering the following services:

  1. Customised Fire & Safety Systems | developed specifically to fit with each individual clients workplace compliance requirements.
  2. Service and Maintenance of Fire & Safety Systems | with reporting that communicates exactly what has been done, which fire safety services are required soon, and how we are making sure you are achieving compliance.
  3. Ongoing Fire & Safety Training | as you need it, so your workplace is always ticking the compliance box.

Our difference is that we offer these services along with a philosophy of 100% accountability, openness and value.

We have well over 1,100 clients located throughout Australia, and Sicada is well known for our specialist expertise in marine fire and safety applications, along with mining fire and safety project requirements. Sicada will secure compliance for you as quickly as possible.

Sicada can supply, install and maintain your fire extinguishers, hose reels, hydrants, sprinkler systems, fire alarms, safety products, special hazards and emergency lighting.

We also offer fire consultancy services, utilising the extensive expertise of our key senior technical staff.

Sicada is a family owned business, and we are proud to have worked with a number of the largest and most prestigious companies on the globe. Regardless of your own unique challenges, our knowledge and experience allows you to gain complete peace of mind, knowing your project, site, or workplace is safe, along with achieving compliance for moving forward. We can efficiently and comprehensively audit all fire equipment and systems at a site, identify any deficiencies, and provide our client with the actions required to make their site both compliant and safe.


WHS, Quality & Environmental

Sicada Fire and Safety have an extensive Safety, Quality, Environmental and Training Management System in place, with our Fire & Safety management plans continually being improved and maintained to ensure compliance with standards such as ISO9001 and AS4801. External audits by third parties are conducted annually to ensure we stay on the right track, and that we are privy to the world’s best current practises. This is imperative for our employees’ safety and to maintain the highest level of customer service possible.

Sicada Fire and Safety conduct monthly leading indicator reviews, aiming to detect and provide advance warning of latent safety and environmental hazards. This allows us to implement proactive actions designed to prevent future safety and environmental incidents. The leading indicator value lies in the avoidance of safety failures and the associated injuries, illnesses and direct and indirect failure costs. Performance Indicator Reviews are delivered to our clients on a monthly basis to ensure we fulfil our obligations of consultation under the WHS Act.

Industry & Investment NSW produces a range of guidelines for the mining industry including guidelines for free-steered vehicles; mobile and transportable equipment; safe cutting and welding; design, commissioning and maintenance of drum winders; bolting and drilling in mines; and fluid power system safety at mines.

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