Fire & Safety Compliance in Mining / Resources

Sicada Fire & Safety provides clients including Anglo Coal, Glencore, BHP, Hasting Deering and Komatsu with around the clock coverage, more reliable fire and safety equipment and servicing, with full time technicians on site if required.

Our engineers have excellent knowledge of the mining industries and its inherent challenges, developing systems which are uniquely customised for each individual clients own requirement, and they are all different.

The outcomes remain the same however, in that our clients achieve the compliance they require in the most efficient delivery manner and timeframe. We understand the intricacies of managing productivity while reducing downtime, and work closely with customers to ensure the optimum result.

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Our Australia-wide operations offer your business a prompt, reliable and trustworthy service, with specific offerings including:

RISK ASSESSMENT |  We can conduct full risk assessments in accordance with AS5062-2006 to ensure that your existing and future systems meet your requirements.

AUDIT  | We review your current installations to ensure their continued effectiveness.

MAINTENANCEWe service and repair all systems from all fire & safety manufacturers.

INSTALLATION  |  In addition to callouts and routine maintenance, we offer full installation services for all towns in the Bowen Basin region (including Mackay, Rockhampton, Emerald, and Gladstone) and also in Brisbane and South East Queensland.  We also offer these services in the Gunnedah Basin region and the Hunter Valley Region in New South Wales, from our branches in Maitland, Tamworth and Narrabri, offering either dry chemical or AFFF foam spray systems.

RECORD KEEPING | All service records are available on line at any time and can be downloaded and printed at your discretion. This information is kept confidential and can only be accessed by user name and password.


Helping you achieve compliance

In 2012, the Australian Standard AS1851 covering the maintenance of fire protection equipment was completely revised and released as AS1851-(2012).

AS1851-(2012) aligns various previous standards into one consistent volume thus ensuring that all systems are serviced and maintained in a similar manner, and where systems are interfaced it ensures no areas are left exposed.

Sicada Fire & Safety helps your operation gain, regain or retain compliance to AS1851-(2012).

We offer compliance with the Mining Design Guidelines.


WHS, Quality & Environmental

Sicada Fire and Safety have an extensive Safety, Quality, Environmental and Training Management System in place. Sicada Fire and Safety management plans are continually being improved and maintained to ensure compliance with standards such as ISO9001 and AS4801. External audits by third parties are conducted annually to ensure we stay on the right track and that we are privy to the world’s best current practises. This is imperative for our employee’s safety and that we maintain the highest level of customer service possible.

Sicada Fire and Safety conduct monthly leading indicator reviews in an aim to detect and provide advance warning of latent safety and environmental hazards. This allows Sicada Fire and Safety to implement proactive actions designed to prevent future safety and environmental incidents. The leading indicator value lies in the avoidance of safety failures and the associated injuries, illnesses and direct and indirect failure costs. Performance Indicator Reviews are delivered to our clients on a monthly basis to ensure we fulfil our obligations of consultation under the WHS Act.

Industry & Investment NSW produces a range of guidelines for the mining industry including guidelines for free-steered vehicles; mobile and transportable equipment; safe cutting and welding; design, commissioning and maintenance of drum winders; bolting and drilling in mines; and fluid power system safety at mines.


AS5062 compliant systems for mobile plant         

AS5062-2006 is the relevant Standard for fire suppression systems on Mobile and Transportable Equipment, and sets the benchmarks for designing and installing a quality fire suppression system.  It is now over five years since the release of AS5062-2006, yet still many fire system suppliers cannot offer a system that complies with this Standard.

Sicada Fire & Safety is a distributor for the QTEC Foam Fire Suppression System, the Bulbeck “Stryker” BF5062 foam spray fire suppression system. All these systems are high quality products that fully comply with AS5062-2006, and are listed on the CSIRO ActivFire Register of Fire Protection Equipment.   We have the products and the expertise to ensure you achieve compliance on your mobile plant – both for surface and underground operations


Sicada Fire and Safety has its head office in Murarrie, Queensland, and operates Australia-wide.

  • Moranbah
  • Middlemount
  • Rockhampton
  • Emerald
  • Mackay
  • SE Queensland
  • Tamworth
  • Narrabri
  • Hunter Valley

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