Sicada is proud to announce its partnership with international safety company, Coltraco, as an Australian distributor of their world class Fire Safety products and systems.

Coltraco is a family owned and operated business, based in the UK, which is a technology manufacturer of 14 systems and products operating in over 100 countries around the globe.  All products and services are broken into 2 core technical groups, firstly Fire Safety, and secondly, Watertight Integrity.

Originally, Coltraco manufactured ultrasonic products Portalevel™ and Portascanner™, which became world leaders in liquid level indication (of fire supression systems) and watertight integrity testing (of ships hatchcovers, Naval cable transit areas, offshore oil & gas watertight compartment doors and scuttles).


These products now offer a variety of different model types, offering benefit to a variety of industry levels.

Coltraco’s systems now also comprise Permalevel™ Multiplex for 24/7 monitoring of fixed fire suppression systems and Permascanner™ Dynamic enabling ships to monitor their hatchcover weathertight and watertight integrity at sea for the first time. Permalevel™ offers critical safety hazard users remote diagnostic and integrated data communication capabilities.


Why would we partner with a firm like Coltraco, as an Australian Distributor?

It’s about who they are.

They have family, and corporate, values very much like our own. They focus on operating with integrity in everything they do, with optimal performance as their consequence.

They operate with a Code of Ethics which embodies a commitment towards positive behaviours which build trust, promote respect, operate with distinction, with consistent courtesy and premium levels of performance.

They honour their commitments at all times, communicate transparently, and carry themselves with honour.

We know that Sicada, as a company and family owned business, operates like this, and we are proud to be working closely with another company who feels the same.

Watch this space!


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