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Fire and Safety for Aged Care Facilities

Aged care facilities and providers have different requirements from other healthcare entities. However, all residential care and aged care businesses must comply with their respective fire safety regulations while remaining in a position to care for the infirm and elderly.


If you are an aged care facility manager, and you are unsure about your current fire and safety status, please don’t take any risks. Sicada Fire & Safety can easily and efficiently undertake an audit, and take the appropriate action to ensure you are not compliant as a health care provider, but your residents are as safe and happy as possible. Contact us today to make an appointment, and reduce your stress immediately. There is never a need for false alarms – so we keep it controlled and calm, for everyone.


We understand the nature of this industry, having a number of clients already trusting us with their fire and safety requirements, and it’s nuances. We understand the risk of alarming your residents, and that their security and welfare is paramount. That is why we are able to work on site with you, with little or no disruption to your routine and workflow.


If you are looking for guidance on achieving and maintaining fire and safety compliance for your aged care facility, we offer the following process:

  • Sicada Fire and Safety will undertake a fire safety audit of your Aged Care Facility.
    This pinpoints the exact requirements to deliver the perfect fire protection solution for you. The fire hazards or risk areas will depend on your own facility. They can include kitchen equipment, medical machinery, and flammable liquids for example.
  • We will then match your specific healthcare facility requirements to the regulations and legislation, and create a fire and safety plan for you.
    It’s our responsibility to understand the rules, and construct a planned structure to ensure you are completely compliant, and that as an aged care facility manager, you stay there.
  • Sicada Fire and Safety will install the required fire and safety equipment.
    From fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, fire doors, and clear signage, we will deliver the best equipment for your facility.
  • We manage your fire and safety assets.
    As part of our service, we have an asset management tool where the details of all pieces of fire and safety equipment are recorded, so at any one time you are able to view your status.  So once we have delivered and implemented your plan, you will ALWAYS know what is required, in real time.
  • We train your people to be competent and confident should a fire and safety emergency occur.
    Your people should always be able to think clearly in times of duress, to follow the correct fire and safety procedures, while looking after your residents.


If you are an Aged Care Facility Manager, Operations Manager, or General Manager, and you sense that you could feel more confident about your fire and safety, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a conversation. Remember that we can help you stay compliant, while continuing to look after your people and your investment. Sicada Fire and Safety takes care of it, for you.


Fire and Safety for Aged Care Facilities


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