Our Vision & Story

Our Vision

Sicada Fire & Safety Pty Ltd is committed to delivering the highest standards of work to our clients.

Our aim is to make achieving fire and safety compliance easier and more affordable through efficiency and a positive responsiveness. The result for our clients is simply a better outcome.

Sicada Fire & Safety ensures that our product and installation knowledge is consistently kept up to date, though monitoring legislation, technology and best practice techniques.


Our Story

Sicada Fire & Safety commenced in 1993 in Brisbane, founded by Robin Sellar.

The business started by supplying fire protection equipment to South East Queensland. It soon grew and expanded in to field and workshop maintenance of fire extinguishers.  As customers and clients began coming to Sicada with more requests, the firm began offering a full range of fire protection maintenance services to the commercial and industrial market.

Since then, the business has enjoyed rapid growth under his guidance, while continuing to evolve and adapt to different markets.

The company’s success has been based on 2 key factors:

  1. An ongoing commitment to superior and unparalleled customer service.
  1. A clear business purpose: to become one of Australia’s leading independent suppliers of fire and safety equipment and services.

In terms of services, we also became accredited with most international classification standards for maritime fire protection.

In 2005, Sicada commenced an expansion program to include the servicing of the Bowen Basin area in Central Queensland, while acquiring a company in New South Wales, allowing us to operate throughout Queensland and New South Wales.

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